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Hardwood Wood floors have long been used to enhance the value, beauty, and character of our living spaces. Sticks and Stones can install the product which best suits your needs. Today, modern harvesting and reclamation practices, along with improved manufacturing and finishing processes, make traditional hardwood floors an even more attractive, affordable, and versatile option. There are many categories of wood flooring products, many different species of wood, and an almost endless array of colors, patterns, and installation options. The variety of choices are many. We are one of few installation companies that will both sand and finish hardwood flooring. Sticks and Stones also has the know-how and capability to do steamed wood bending! 


Reclaimed hardwood is simply old wood which has been newly milled into flooring planks. Boards or structural beams taken from old barns, warehouses, factories, and other historic buildings are used in new projects. Reclamation reduces the amount of virgin lumber logged from managed forests, prevents good wood from ending up in a landfill, and provides richly-colored, stable planks for a variety of flooring purposes. If you think you might have reclaimed wood that you would like to have installed, contact Sticks and Stones to learn more about how we can help you maximize its potential for your next project.


Engineered (sometimes called laminated) wood products are made from many thinner layers of wood chemically bound together. This provides several advantages. During the manufacturing process, there is less waste of the raw lumber, which helps conserve natural resources. Because they are made up of several layers with alternating grain directions, engineered products are also more stable than solid wood planks, and thus can be used reliably in damper climates where excessive moisture might cause problems with a solid floor. They can be installed over many types of sub-floors, even concrete, so they make an excellent option for renovation projects. Sticks and Stones has been installing engineered floors since they came available to the market. Our many years of experience allows us to help you decide if engineered products could be the best choice for your space.


Handscraped hardwood has character, depth, and richness all its own. Each plank is meticulously hand-scraped or tooled to give it a time-worn, rustic appearance. Because each plank is individually crafted, handscraped flooring provides a dramatic backdrop for any decorating scheme and can be used in rustic, traditional, and contemporary settings. This type of hardwood requires meticulous care when installing. At Sticks and Stones, we have the background and training to ensure a professional installation of handscraped hardwood.


Bamboo is an excellent alternative to hardwood. Because grasses grow more quickly than trees, these materials are considered more renewable than wood-based floors. However for true eco-friendly floors, be sure to look for natural grass materials which are manufactured without the use of formaldehyde or harmful chemical finishes. The most common style of bamboo floors are the laminated planks with either horizontal or vertical grain orientations. "Grainless" or strand bamboo is made from shredded bamboo fibers, pressed together with a chemical binder, resulting in an entirely different appearance and a very durable surface. Engineered bamboo, like engineered hardwood, consists of a bamboo veneer applied over a core or substrate, resulting in a strong and resilient product that can be installed virtually anywhere. Sticks and Stones' dedication to "being green" is an assurance to you that we are happy to work with whichever product you decide best suits your needs.

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